The foundation for economic development has and always will be public safety. Public safety has no party affiliation as we all want the exact same thing for our community. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or Independent it’s paramount that we provide a safe environment for everyone. If your city isn’t safe who will move there? If your city is riddled with crime and drugs who will want to establish a small business there? How will we bring in top doctors in order to open up establishments? Do you think teachers will want to teach our kids or will they go to other school districts where they feel safe? If juvenile crime is a major issue why would anyone want to send their children to schools within those communities? Unfortunately, both the City of New Haven and the Town of Hamden have continuously experienced an elevated level of crime. New Haven is ranked #1 in violent crime within the entire state of Connecticut. We have a disgraceful crime index of 6 ( 94% more dangerous than the rest of America ) and Hamden with a crime index of 17 are examples of why we need to do a better job at allocating resources to both our Police and Fire departments to ensure the safety of our residents.


Without allocating the much-needed resources to ensure a proper education for our youth how can we expect the next generation to become the future leaders of America? New Haven and Hamden have incredible educators who care about their students, but how can they do their job effectively when they are not given the needed funding to ensure a future pathway to success. As it sits right now 92% of the 50 total schools in New Haven are below average in school quality, while 50% of Hamden’s 12 schools are performing below average. This is a problem that needs to be addressed as these schools continue to take an academic plunge year after year. We can’t keep putting bandaids on the system where we offer programs like school choice, which only gives a small percentage of underprivileged children the opportunity to attend a better school within their district via lottery. Why can’t we just use our resources to FIX these schools and foster an environment for ALL children to succeed. With the amount of funding that our district receives from Hartford, there is no excuse to not ensure that every possible resource is given to our children to ensure a bright future.


Where is the money going? The tax king, Mr. Martin Looney has voted for every single tax increase during his tenure. From the FMLA tax, 2x bottle tax, and truck tax to voting on a TCI gas tax, mansion tax, tolls tax, and now approving of a statewide property tax on both homes and vehicles. It’s evident that the constant failures in budget allocation and generating of revenue continue to rest on the shoulders of its residents via taxes. Instead of creating ways to generate revenue for District 11 and eliminating frivolous spending their solution is to tax its residents and sell off its property, which then becomes tax-exempt. Ever wonder why New Haven and Hamden have some of the worst property taxes in the state? When 60% of all the property in New Haven is tax-exempt who do you think makes up the difference? YOU. What happens when the tax-exempt property reaches 70, 75, or 80%? Your property taxes will need to make up the difference. Taxes are a major contributor to the overwhelming increases in the poverty rate for both New Haven and the state of Connecticut. Connecticut is ranked number 1 for the biggest increase in poverty from 1990 to 2020 at a staggering rate of 88% while New Haven alone has a poverty rate of 26%, which is unacceptable.

While New Haven has its problems Hamden has far worse. Unfortunately, the town of Hamden is in debt by a staggering $1.3b, which equates to over $20,000 per resident. This level of failed budgeting has resulted in Hamden earning the top spot for worst debt per capita than any other town in Connecticut.


Should the Government and its Board of Education have more power and authority than the culmination of 100’s if not 1000’s parents with regards to the fate and future of your children? From mask and vaccine mandates to a curriculum that incorporates discussions of critical race theory, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Every single one of these culture-based curriculums should be explored in depth. It’s not ok in my opinion that almost half of New Haven students according to a recent study in the New Haven Independent have fallen behind by two grade levels and we are now pushing non-academic curriculums.


It’s no secret that today’s veterans struggle with PTSD, mental health, and assimilation into civilian life. These “silent protectors” give life and limb to ensure the safety of our entire country. It’s unfortunate that these soldiers return from war and aren’t given the tools and resources needed to ensure a successful start. With over 200,000 veterans in Connecticut, a major VA hub in close proximity via West Haven, CT, and many Veterans living in district 11 it is paramount to work closely with Veteran Affairs to help those who have served our country. From expanding access to private healthcare and furthering one’s education to providing more employment opportunities and implementing small business start-up programs that will create future pathways to success.


With the poverty rate at 25%, homicides increased by a staggering 68%, and half of our children falling behind by an unprecedented two grade levels it’s never been more important to provide strong inner-city youth programs. We need to continuously inspire inner-city children so that they can dream of a future that they never imagined. When children don’t have the resources to fulfill their potential it makes it very difficult to ensure a successful future. Juvenile crime in both New Haven and Hamden is the highest it’s ever been. Drug overdoses related to the current Fentanyl epidemic have hit unprecedented levels and need to be monitored and addressed. This is why District 11 needs a call to action for both youth programs that encompass the mentoring of future entrepreneurs as well as sports-based programs to empower the already talented youth within our district.